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Jack Zwanziger is a Professor in and Director of the Health Policy and Administration department at UIC’s School of Public Health. He is also the Co-Director of UIC’s Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences. Professor Zwanziger has an MS and PhD in Physics from Cornell University, an MBA with a focus on Policy Analysis from McGill University and a PhD in Policy Analysis from RAND Graduate School. Prior to coming to UIC he served as Director for the Doctoral Programs in Health Services Research at the University of Rochester. Dr. Zwanziger’s research has been funded by numerous organizations including the Departments of Health and Human Services, Defense and Veterans Affairs, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and the National Center for Research Resources at the National Institute of Health, among many others. His work has appeared in many prestigious publications including Journal of the American Medical Association, Journal American Geriatrics Society, Health Affairs, American Journal of Public Health, American Journal of Cardiology, Pediatrics, Journal of Health Economics, and Medical Care Research and Reviews, among many others.


Health economics, Health policy


Improving the cost effectiveness of medical care services, health care markets and competition, managed care


■ PhD ⏐ Frederick S. Pardee RAND Graduate School Policy & Administration ⏐ 1988

■ PhD ⏐ Cornell University Physics ⏐ 1972

■ Other ⏐ McGill University Mathematical Physics ⏐ 1967


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