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Judith A. Levy is an Associate Professor in Health Policy and Administration. She also is the Interim Director of the SPH Global Health Program as well as the Director of the Fogarty AIDS International Training in Research program at UIC that is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She has an MA and PhD in Sociology, both from Northwestern University. Dr. Levy began teaching at UIC in 1981 and has led the Fogarty program since 2000. Dr. Levy is a leader in the field of HIV/AIDS research and has been the Principal Investigator for numerous NIH-sponsored HIV/AIDs research projects. She currently is the lead investigator on a NIH-funded two-year study of HIV prevention among Tajik labor migrants in Moscow and co-investigator of an NIH-funded research project research that examines HIV treatment adherence among older former prison inmates. Dr. Levy has served on numerous professional panels and workgroups including the NIH Office of AIDS Research Advisory Council, chair of the NIH Behavioral and Social Science Approaches to Preventing HIV/AIDS Study Section, as an invited expert for the United Nations International Drug Control Programme, and chair of the Medical Sociology Section of the American Sociological Society. Her work has appeared in many prestigious journals and publications including the Journal of AIDS, AIDS and Behavior, AIDS Care, Health Education and Behavior, International Journal of Drug Policy, Addiction Theory and Research, and the American Journal of Public Health among many others.


Behavioral sciences, Global Health


AIDS/HIV, substance abuse, aging across the life course, human sexuality

■ PhD ⏐ Northwestern University Sociology ⏐ 1982

■ BA ⏐ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Sociology ⏐ 1976


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